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NOTICE:  Graber Law Office is now closed. If you are on our site to make a final payment for work previously completed, you can still do so through the “Make a Payment” drop down menu. If you are a former client,  you are receiving this Notice to advise you that Attorney Matthew Graber has been appointed to a Magistrate vacancy in a local court, and as such is required to wind-down his private law practice. We have reviewed each of our client files, and all work was completed, and no original documents remain in those files. If your matter involved estate planning, the original documents were hand-delivered to you at time they were executed. Your bill, unless otherwise noted to you in writing, was paid in full. We have securely maintained the file since your matter was completed. It will continue to be stored securely for a period of seven years from September 30, 2022, at which time it may be destroyed. For client confidentiality, file destruction is accomplished by cross-hatch shredding or incineration. If you wish instead to retrieve the file, please notify us in writing by December 31, 2022, at the address above or at [email protected], and we will arrange a time for you to pick up the file in person and sign a receipt for the file.

If you need legal assistance in the future, you may contact the Warren County Bar Association at

Thank you very much for your past business.

Matthew J. Graber

Attorney at Law

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